The most important Meta HTML Tags

A set of good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are the main factors that Google takes into account when positioning a website.

In this chapter, we will talk about the most important HTML tags for SEO.

The most important Meta HTML Tags

Meta tags are used to transmit information to search engines about what a page is about when they have to sort and show their results. These are the most important labels that we must take into account:


The title tag is the most important element within the meta-tags. It is the first thing that appears in the results in Google.

When optimizing the title, it must be taken into account that:

    The tag must be in the <head> </ head> section of the code.

    Each page must have a unique title.

    It should not exceed 70 characters; otherwise, it will be cut off.

    It must be descriptive with respect to the content of the page.

    It must contain the keyword for which we are optimizing the page.

We should never abuse keywords in the title. This will make users mistrust and Google think we are trying to cheat.

Another aspect to take into account is where to put the “brand”, i.e.: the name of the web usually put at the end to give more importance to the keywords, separating these from the name of the web with a script or a vertical bar.


Although it is not a critical factor in the positioning of a website, it affects the click-through rate in the search results considerably.

For the meta-description, we will follow the same principles as with the title, only that its length should not exceed 155 characters.

For both titles and meta-descriptions we must avoid duplication, this we can see in Google Webmaster Tools > Search appearance > HTML Improvements.

Meta Keywords:

At the time, Meta keywords were a very important positioning factor but Google discovered how easy it is to manipulate the search results so it eliminated it as a positioning factor.

Tags H1, H2, H3:

The labels H1, H2, H3, and etc. they are very important to have a good information structure and a good user experience since they define the hierarchy of content, something that will improve SEO. We must give importance to the H1 because it is usually in the highest part of the content and the higher a keyword is, the more important Google will give it.

Label “alt” in the image:

The “alt” tag in the images is added directly in the image’s own code.


<img src = “” alt = “keyword bag” />

This tag has to be descriptive with respect to the image and content of that image since it is what Google reads when it is crawled and one of the factors it uses to position it in Google Images.

Now you already know how to make a page optimized for SEO and that there are many factors to optimize if you want to appear in the best positions of the search results.

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