Basic overview of Meta tags for SEO

Meta tags are HTML tags that are not intended to be shown to users but are very useful for browsers, search engines, and other applications to obtain information from our site. All these elements located in the <head> of your website as <meta> and <link> can be considered as metadata but this does not mean that all of them are relevant to your SEO.

Below we will describe the basic overview of Meta-tags for SEO. It is most commonly used tags as good practices for good search engine positioning (SEO).

Content type:

Indicates the type of coding used in the source code, it should be as close to the beginning of the <head>. This information is included in the HTTP header of the server response.


The title of the pages is one of the most important elements for a good positioning in search engines; we must dedicate time to decide the content of these titles.

    Create unique and accurate titles for each page that are descriptive.

    We should include the most important keywords.

    They should be brief, around 55 characters is recommended.

    Remember that the title of the page in most cases appears in the search results.


In most cases, the text of the description is used to show in the results of the searches. It is important to give a wording with enough content for the user to decide if our page is useful. Previously it was recommended that this text not exceed 160 characters but today Google has announced that they could sometimes take and display up to 320 characters of the “meta description” of the site.

It is highly recommended that each page has its own description and is appropriate for each of them.


In most cases, search engines do not take this information into account for anything. Nowadays the search engines are smart enough to take this information from the content that is displayed on our site.

The use of this Meta tag is not recommended. Even Bing can consider it SPAM if it determines that you have tried to over-optimize its use.

However, the theme of keywords is a fundamental part when correctly positioning your site. The words used in the title, description, and content of the site must be strategically placed so that the search engine indexes your site in the way that best suits you.

In the content is very important how we use the markers <h1>, <h2>, <h3>, <h4>, and so on, this tells the spider the importance of each of these texts, in addition to taking relevance according to the distance from the top of the page where they are faster visible to the user.

The use of meta-tags can be of great benefit to improve the way in which your site is viewed and indexed by search engines. That is also called a good SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Likewise, if they are not used correctly they could affect the positioning of the site and even prevent be shown in the results of the searches.

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